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Pilates Studio West in Los Angeles, California, makes it easy to exercise with our Pilates classes and Balanced Body™ equipment. Whether you're new to this highly effective exercise program or are a regular participant, we tailor our service to match your fitness level. We offer a variety of class types that range from group classes of 20 people to private one-on-one training sessions that give you our undivided attention.

Pilates Equipment

Pilates Reformers

A Plethora of Beneficial Effects

Pilates is known for improving your overall health in a myriad of ways. When you exercise using the Pilates system, you see improvements like:

• Building & Toning Long, Lean Muscles Without Bulk
• Increasing Strength, Flexibility, & Balance
• Restoring Postural Alignment & Developing Core Strength
• Boosting Energy, Reducing Stress, & Relieving Tension
• Creating a Stronger, More Flexible Spine
• Heightening Joint Range of Motion
• Improving Circulation
• Enhancing Sports Training & Developing Functional Fitness for Daily Life Activity
• Conditioning Efficient Movement Patterns
• Enhancing Mobility, Agility, & Stamina
• Correcting Over-Training of Muscle Groups & Preventing Stress & Injury
• Promoting Recovery From Strain or Injury

Programs That Work for Your Goals

From beginners to experienced athletes, our Pilates classes cater to many different kinds of people looking to enhance their fitness levels. Pick the plan that works best for your goals with options including our:

Introductory Program: Includes 10 55-minute private sessions, where we teach you the basics of proper Pilates techniques, breathing, alignment, and how to work from your powerhouse. Taking these courses qualifies you for the duet and semi-private sessions.
Private Sessions: This is the ultimate one-on-one Pilates experience with customized instruction tailored to your fitness level and specific physical needs. Maximize the benefit and get the focused attention you need to succeed in reaching your health goals.
Duet Sessions (Two Clients): Reap the benefits of Pilates at a lower individual cost and enjoy working out with a friend all at once. Whether working with someone you know personally or another person from the studio with similar abilities, you'll get the extra motivation you need to push yourself even further in your exercise.
Semi-Private Sessions (Three to Four Clients): Cut down the price of Pilates training even more with this group exercise class. Enjoy getting the same great workout in a friendly and supportive environment with plenty of motivation from your peers.

Stability Equipment

Mat Classes (Maximum of 20 Clients): An intensive class that involved a series of over 100 exercises using props and your own body weight for resistance. Sign up today to improve your strength and flexibility while being one step closer to a long, lean Pilates Body.